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How to set up a Display Banner campaign

Setting up a banner display campaign provides advertisers with access to a wide variety of publisher websites and placements through openRTB technology and an easy to use campaign management interface. Choose between ‘traditional’ banner sizes (300x250, 468x80, 720x90, 320x50) to capture the majority of mobile and web and app users, and ‘less-traditional’ placements that include interstitials, floating web push advertising and much more.

To get started, follow the initial campaign setup steps mentioned in the campaign setup guide that includes specific details about banner campaign setup.

Once you’re done with setting up your campaign’s budgeting and targeting configuration,

Click on New Display Ad

Choose between an HTML or JS creative or Image files

Add MACROS / Dynamic parameters to your ads - read here

If you chose HTML ads, here’s some tips about a good campaign setup;

HTML text - input your tag within this space
choose from over 50 different IAB-approved creatives sizes
Enter your Destination URL, the URL that users will be redirected to, you may include any of these MACROS in your URL.
Ad domain - enter the preview URL for your domain that may be monitored by our and our partner monitoring solutions.

Read more about 3rd party tag upload here

If you chose image ads, here’s a few tips to make sure you run an effective campaign,

Upload your image one at a time
Update the relevant image size
Insert your destination URL with all relevant MACROS

Click Next.

That’s it, your campaign is now pending approval and will be set live shortly.

Still facing issues? Contact us via chat or email.

Read our pre-launch campaign guide or how to optimize your campaign here.

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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