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Campaign Pre-Launch Guide and Checklist

Starting your campaign on the right foot is key to securing performing SubIDs and building your ROI quickly.

For each campaign you set up, take into consideration the following points.

Set up conversion tracking
In order for automation to work, and in order for you to view results on our reports client must integrate pixel tracking. That will allow our team to consult and apply changes per your KPIs ongoing throughout your campaign. Learn how to setup conversion tracking here.

Align your daily budget to your bid
Depending on a few factors such as your bid and how competitive is, the relevant inventory for your campaign's targeting and more. Your campaign may spend per day as much as your daily budget will allow. If your CPC are high due to competition, make sure you allocate enough daily budget to meet your daily conversion goals.

Consult with our team
Either by email or through chat, ping our team and let them know of your campaign's goals and expected return, we'll do whatever we can to guide you in the right direction and apply our knowledge in real time.

Utilize campaign MACROS to populate your reports
read our tracking guide to learn how to append a few MACROS to your campaign URLs so you can use our data in your own reporting scheme. Read more about campaign macros here.

Segment your campaign
If your campaign, for example, requires traffic from 1 country and 2 operating system, we would advise to set up 2 different campaign per each OS type. Set up your campaign in a granular way so you can differentiate SUBID report and others according to campaign level and not across several campaigns together.

Name your campaign intuitively
Choose a quick to understand name for your campaign that might include your targeting, own campaign ID and so on, this way, you'd be able to quickly differentiate your campaigns when using our reporting interface.

Campaign live? Awesome, keep reading the campaign setup guide or the optimization guide for advertisers or step-by-step guides to setup other ad formats here

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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