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EZmob Campaign API

For more information about EZmob's Reporting API - click here

EZmob campaign and reporting API allow our advertisers to programmatically affect their campaigns and export relevant campaign data to their own database or BI. Consult with our professionals to understand how you can automate your campaign with API integration.

Campaign API Features

- Create campaign
- Edit campaign
- Update creatives
- Update System IP Lists (IpListsNetwork)
- Update Device Ifa List (IfaList)
- Update Domain List (DomainList)
- Update App List (AppList)

Contact your account managers for your API key and token.

To access our API documentation please go through the following steps:
Log in to your advertiser account
Click the manage campaigns button
Click the API button on the top right corner of the campaign manager interface

ezmob api documentation

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Updated on: 07/09/2022

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