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Tokens for Display Campaigns (Banner, Native)

There tracking tokens can be added to tag and image based campaigns. Looking for tokens for Push and Pop campaigns? read here

{pub_id} - Publisher id
{subid} - Publisher subid
{zone} - Publisher zone id
{source} - Traffic source macro, set as site_{site_id} or app_{app_id}
{request_id} - Id of the request that originated the response. Can be used for display ads conversion tracking
{campaign} - Campaign id
{offer} - Offer id
{banner} - Ad id
{query} - Publisher search keyword
{url} - Referrer URL
{domain} - Referrer domain
{ip} - User IP
{long} - Longitude of the user
{lat} - Latitude of the user
{user_agent} - User agent
{os} - Operating System
{browser} - Browser
{device_type} - Device Type, i.e. Desktop, Mobile
{device_brand} - Device Brand
{ifa} - Device identifier for advertisers
{country} - Two-letter user country (ISO 3166-2)
{city} - User city
{zip} - User postal code
{carrier} - User ISP
{site_id} - Publisher site id
{app_id} - Publisher app id
{app_name} - Publisher app name
{app_bundle} - Publisher app bundle
{app_domain} - Publisher app domain
{app_store_url} - Publisher app store url
{tagid} - Tag Id
{gdpr} - GDPR policy, 0=GDPR does not apply 1=GDPR applies
{user_consent} - User consent string
{us_privacy} - CCPA U.S. privacy string
{cachebuster} - Random number
{timestamp} - Timestamp (Unix epoch time)

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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