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How to setup conversion tracking with AppsFlyer

If you are tracking your conversions and analytics with AppsFlyer, then setting up will be easy and quick.

On your AppsFlyer account, choose EZmob from the network list.

Create attribution link for your campaign, should be somehting like this:{app_id}?pid=ezmob_int&af_siteid={source}&af_c_id={campaign}&af_ad_id={banner}&clickid={conversion}&af_sub1={ADVID}

Change the {ADVID} in the link with your Advertisers account ID on EZmob which can be seen in the pixel URL on your profile page

Set this link as the tracking URL in your campaign.

In the example above, the URL to use on the campaign will be:{app_id}?pid=ezmob_int&af_siteid={source}&af_c_id={campaign}&af_ad_id={banner}&clickid={conversion}&af_sub1=15763

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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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