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Premium Domain Targeting

EZmob is connected with over 300,000 domains, with over 10 years of running thousands of pop campaigns across our own inventory, we've developed tools that enable contextual targeting across pop and push campaigns. With huge amounts of data from both publishers and advertisers we've been able to attribute certain contextual data points to each domain, subID and publisher.

With this feature you are now able to instantly improve the relevancy and value of traffic purchased.

What does that mean for our clients?

It means more relevancy and better inventory reaching your campaigns and hopefully generating more conversions and sales.
We've created many lists according to the familiar IAB taxonomy or list of verticals. Targeting these lists will allow your campaigns to run on more relevant traffic sources that will perform better for your campaigns.

How you can add domain targeting to your campaigns?

Advertisers are able to import and upload their own domain lists through the self-serve advertiser interface. Learn how to add domain lists to the targeting of your campaigns here.

If you'd like access to our curated domain targeting lists, according to contextual filters and IAB categories - please connect with your account manager via chat, skype or email.

What domain segmentations are available?

We're always working on creating new domain segments, consult with your account manager on what domain attribution targeting you would like enabled on your campaigns, some of the segmentations we currently do offer include:
- All IAB top-level categories (read more below)
- converting domains
- high/low click-through domains
- mainstream and adult domains
- keyword targeted domains
- top-level country specific domains
- and more!

What verticals are the domains segmented with?

The IAB top-level category list includes the following categories.

domain targeting

Updated on: 13/09/2022

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