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How to create a Push Campaign?

Push Ad, also known as Push Notification, is a message that pops up on the user’s device.

How to create a Push Ad:

You can create a Push Ad while creating a new push campaign. For this click on the New Push Ad button on the fourth tab:

Read more about creating a campaign here.

On the Creatives grid click on New Creative button and select the Push campaign for which you want to add an ad.

In both cases, a new window will open where the advertiser shall fill the required fields to create a new ad.

Note: The system suggests the several available sizes for the uploaded image (with the difference in aspect ratio < 20% and dimensions (width and height) ≤ dimensions of the uploaded image).

For example:

The advertiser can add all of them or only the needed ones:

Click on the Submit button to add the ad.

The newly added ad gets the status Pending, meaning, the ad will serve only after the network admin approves the ad (status will be changed to Approved).

If the advertiser makes any change to the approved ad, the status will be changed to Pending and the ad won’t serve until approved by the network admin.

Warning: As a platform and service provider, our goal is to maintain a platform that provides services to advertisers and publishers to monetize their online businesses effectively and within the law. To this end, we do not tolerate content and advertising that goes against end-user experience or tries to deliver malicious, misleading, or illegal advertisements. We reserve the right to block or restrict any campaign, advertiser, or creative, based solely on our discretion.

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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