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How to create a Calendar iOS campaign?

How to create an ad campaign with iOS calendar notifications, ads that are triggered by the calendar app on iOS devices after the user has opted-in to a public calendar.

First, log in to EZmob DSP dashboard and click on manage campaigns. Then create a new Calendar Push Campaign as seen below.

Learn how to create a campaign here and use the steps below to complete the campaign setup process.

Enter the relevant budget details and continue to targeting.

Input your relevant targeting details such as OS, Country, Connection type and many more

Move onto the next screen and input your tracking URL and creatives, although creatives are not shown for users, they are required when setting up a campaign for now.

That’s it, your campaign is now awaiting approval and should be live within the next hour, please make sure your account is sufficiently budgeted.

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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