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Where can I register?
If you're looking to promote / advertise then please register through this link, if you're looking to monetize your website or app, please register as publisher here.

How do I set up a campaign?
Getting started is EZ. Refer to our step-by-step guides relevant to setting up your first campaigns with us: How to create my first campaign / Campaign Setup Guide / How to optimize my campaigns

What's the minimum entry? any fees? how can I fund my account?
You can start with only $100, test and add budget as you like. We offer various methods through our interface and external to it, find your favorite method here or check out on going promotions here.

What type of campaigns can I upload?
Through self-serve you may enable Popunder, Push notification ads, In-Page Push/Floating, Native ads and Banner / Display ads.

What is the minimum bid, daily cap or campaign budget?
Read all about our campaign limits here.

What type of traffic do you serve?
In terms of vertical, we serve both mainstream and adult inventory worldwide. Checkout our inventory figures per country (for yesterday) here. In terms of our inventory, we pride ourselves in our direct publisher traffic which is directly validated by our adops and publisher teams, due to our wide base of advertiser demand and in order to scale our reach we also connect to premium ad exchanges and ad networks which are also monitored with industry leading technologies, read more here. If self-serve is not for you and you're looking for a programmatic (RTB and XML) integration please contact our programmatic team.

Can I run 3rd party / javascript ad tags?
Yes, please consult with our account managers to align with correct supply sources, read more here.

How can I optimize my campaigns?
You can eliminate or scale your campaign by each one of the campaign targeting features you've used to create the campaign and more (publisher site/feed, subID etc). Read more about campaign optimization here.

What is EZmob's refund policy?
In general we will refund funds that are unspent, we reserve the right to deny first depositors to protect ourselves against clients who may attempt to test our compliance guidelines. Read the full details here.

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Updated on: 01/02/2023

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