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How to setup 3rd Party Tags?

Ezmob Platform supports HTML, iFrame, Javascript, and IBV Tags.

To Setup, a 3rd party tag campaign simply create a ‘Display campaign’ under the Campaigns tab.

Once you set all the targeting click on the 'New Display Ad' and choose Ad Type as HTML from the drop-down menu

Paste your HTML, Java, or iFrame tag in the box and make sure to add our macros to get more information on placements.

Leave ‘Destination URL' blank in case of JS and iframe tag, and make sure to add 'Ad domain’ or preview URL so we can see where exactly your tag is redirecting the users.

Make sure NOT to run any Malware or auto-redirect in your tags, doing such can even lead to your account suspension. Read more on ad content guidelines.

Read our pre-launch campaign guide or how to optimize your campaign here.

Updated on: 31/08/2022

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