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How can I set up a Popunder Campaign?

Read our pre-launch campaign guide or how to optimize your campaign here.

Setting up your first campaign is easy before you do start your first campaign please make sure

Your account is validated and you’re able to log in
Your account is funded with the minimum amount and you have remaining balance to spend.
You have filled your profile details accurately and fully.

To setup, your first campaign, log in to EZmob’s dashboard, once logged in, follow these simple steps.

Click the Campaigns button, you will be redirected to our campaign management and reporting platform found at
Under the Campaigns navigation menu, choose Popunder Campaign

You’ve now reached the initial setup screen for any campaign, you may find helpful information below about each input available.

- Name: Choose a unique and intuitive name for your campaign
- Total Budget: Enter the amount you would like to spend total for this campaign.
- Daily Budget: Enter the amount you would like to spend per day on this campaign.
- Default CPV: Enter the bid amount you would like to bid for a unique view, the CPM Bid input below should be updated with the price for 1000 impressions.
- Pace: Choose the rate of daily spend
- Daily views: Limit the number of views you receive per day.
- Views per IP: limit the number of views you receive from a single IP.

Click Next.

Now you can start setting up the targeting for your campaigns,

- Location targeting: choose the location where you would like to display ads. Click the '+' button to open each location list; choose from Continents, Countries, States, Cities or ZIP codes.

- Time Targeting: choose the days or hours of the week in which you would like to display ads.
Please note that scheduling is done on Pacific Time timezone.

- Languages: Choose the browser language that is being used by visitors you would like to engage with.

- Operating systems: Choose the operating system desired for your campaign, click on the '+' to see more targeting options like OS version

- Browsers: Choose the browsers you would like to display ads on

- Choose a connection type (3G or WiFi or All) or choose a specific carrier from the list below. You may filter according to a country or search the list for a specific carrier and then make sure the needed ones are checked or selected.

Click Next.

Traffic Quality
The traffic quality screen allows you to select specific targeting lists you want to use on this specific campaign or many others.
Targeting may be done according to blacklisting or whitelisting of the below:
- Domain lists
- IP lists
- Feed lists

Read more about applying blacklists/whitelists for pop campaigns here and learn about how to apply an optimization strategy here

Conversion tracking

Setting up conversion tracking is very important to the success of a campaign and allows our algorithms and account managers to help you reach your goals.
Click here to learn more about pixel tracking.

Upload your creatives
Add MACROS or data parameters to your link back to your traffic reports, see the MACROS available for pop campaigns here. .
Tracking link is the link we will redirect users to when they engage with your ad.

Click Next.

That’s it, your campaign is now pending approval and will be set live shortly.

Read our pre-launch campaign guide or how to optimize your campaign here.

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Updated on: 24/11/2022

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