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How to blacklist/whitelist SubIDs?

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For CPC Push notification/ Popunder traffic

Click Manage Campaigns button at the top of your advertiser account interface, the click Reports.

advertiser reports menu

Choose Publisher Feed

“Publisher feed” is the channel that connects your campaign to the EZmob exchange network.

Once you chose Publisher Feed you can see from which feed you bought your traffic from. The data is visually presented in tables and pie charts.

Click the (+) icon on the left, next to the specific feed you would like to drill into, now you should see a list of the subID's of the feed selected.

Export a relevant SubID report to prepare your whitelist or blacklist based on the report

The way to Whitelist / Blacklist a certain Sub ID is to do it per feed. For instance, if you would like to Whitelist / Blacklist sub ID 654321, which you bought from feed 77425 and 112243 - You need to create a line for each feed like so:


When creating your list of SubIDs, make sure to do it per feed, for example, if you’re interested in removing source / subID 3080515 from the example above, you need to concatenate or connect the publisher ID and the SubID, in this format. Make sure to separate the publisherID and SubID with a '.' or (dot) PublisherID.SubID, or in our example, 84232.3080515

When you’re done creating your list, go to the campaigns page:

Press the :pencil: icon, and you will have the campaign set up page pop up:

Go to TQ & Analytics

Select “Show Feed List" and place the sub ID's you would like to Whitelist / Blacklist.

Click Submit.

Why SubIDs are the most important factor in Pop Campaigns?

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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