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How to add domain targeting to a campaign?

Read more about premium domain targeting here.

The steps to take to restrict a campaign to either whitelist or exclude a list of domains is this.

Login to your advertiser account
Click the manage campaigns button
On the top navigation menu click 'Settings'
Choose 'Domain Lists'
domain targeting
Upload your domain list as a CSV file, each line should be a domain url

Now that your list is uploaded, you may continue to attribute it to a specific campaign:

edit or create a new campaign
in the campaign set up flow click next until you reach 'TQ & Analytics' section

campaign domain targeting

Click the 'Show domain lists' button, your uploaded lists should be shown below

domain targeting list

choose whether to whitelist or blacklist your list of domains

whitelist domain targeting

Click Save.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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