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Reporting API

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EZmob's Reporting API allows clients to export certain reports in real-time to their hosted database or BI solutions.

Reporting dimentions:
date: Date
hourOfDay: Hour of Day
dayOfWeek: Day of Week
month: Month
publisher: Publisher Name
feed: Publisher Feed Name
pubsubid: SubID
source_pubsubid: Source SubID
site_domain: Site Site
campaign: Campaign Name
offer: Offer Name
banner: Banner Banner
keyword2: Matched Keyword
match_type: Match Type
goal: Goal Name
country: Country
state: State
browser_type: Browser Type
browser_version: Browser Version
os_type: OS
device_type: Device Type
device_brand: Device Brand

Reporting filters:
Id: Name
date!: Date
campaign: Campaign
campaign_type: Campaign Type
push_traffic_type: Push Traffic Type
offer: Offer
country: Country

The metrics provided across all reports are:
adv_responses: Advertiser Ad Responses
adv_impressions: Advertiser Impressions
adv_win_rate: Advertiser Win Rate
adv_clicks: Advertiser Clicks
adv_cost: Advertiser Cost
adv_conversions: Analytics Goals Conversions
adv_value: Analytics Goals Value
adv_target_value: Analytics Goals Target Cost
adv_cpc: Advertiser CPC
adv_epc: Advertiser EPC
adv_cpa: Advertiser CPA
adv_position_avg: Advertiser Position
adv_ctr: Advertiser CTR
adv_ctr_imp: Advertiser CTR by Impressions
adv_conv_rate: Advertiser CR
adv_newvisits: Google Analytics New Visits
adv_visits: Google Analytics Visits
adv_pageviews: Google Analytics Pageviews
adv_goalsvalue: Google Analytics Goals Value
adv_goalscount: Google Analytics Goals Count
adv_trafficvalue: Google Analytics Target Cost
adv_bounces: Google Analytics Bounces
adv_visit_duration: Google Analytics Visit Duration
adv_discrepancy: Google Analytics Discrepancy
adv_discrepancy_percent: Google Analytics Discrepancy, %
adv_visit_duration_avg: Google Analytics Avg. Visit Duration
adv_page_depth_avg: Google Analytics Avg. Page Depth
adv_bounce_rate: Google Analytics Bounce Rate
adv_cpv: Google Analytics CPV

To access our reporting API documentation:
Log in to your advertiser account
Click the manage campaigns button at the top
Click the API Docs button on the top right hand corner of the campaign manager interface.

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Updated on: 12/09/2022

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