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Why is my campaign not receiving traffic?

Bid - In most cases the campaign is receiving a sufficient amount of ad responses, but your bid might be too low to win those responses. In most cases raising the bid would solve this issue
Campaign performance - if your creative’s CTR is low your campaign might be prioritized lower since it is not generating revenue for our publishers. Improve your campaign creatives and add as much as possible to be able to optimize effectively.
Malware / safe browsing breach - All campaigns are monitored and automatically scanned in order to detect any malware or breach of our and our partner’s creative guidelines. Any flagged creative would cease receiving traffic immediately and will limit your campaign. Please make sure to use fresh links that are not flagged to ensure your campaigns run smoothly.
Balance - Make sure to top up your balance, especially before weekends, to ensure your campaigns will stay live at all times.
Campaigns limits - either campaign budget or the campaigns daily cap may run out according to the campaign spend and pace. View reports and tweaks your campaign limits accordingly.
Campaign settings - Make sure not to limit the Clicks/Views input by “1”. This would block your campaign from receiving any traffic. Recommended use would be to leave it blank and use the daily cap field. Consult with our team members.

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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