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What's Win rate and how do I use it?

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Win Rate is the percentage that measures the total number of impressions won in programmatic buys divided by the total number of impressions bid on.
High win rates in terms of programmatic can indicate low bidding competition for the user or website at the price point.
Win Rate Formula Win Rate = (Number of Impressions Won/Number of Impressions Bid) x 100

Since our ad server serves both Pop and Banner campaigns with the same reporting structure, some explanation is needed to understand how to read your win rate per each type of ad format.

Pop Campaign Win Rate:
When looking at pop reports in your advertiser interface, the CTR column will indicate the win rate calculation, (which is clicks bought / ad responses), as seen below.

win rate for pop campaigns

Push + Display Campaign Win Rate:

When running push or display (banner) campaigns, there is no available column for win rate, we recommend to export the report and calculate win rate by (requests / ad responses)x100. In addition to improving your win rate, take into consideration that for CPC based push campaigns improving your CTR will help perhaps more than increasing your bid, and will allow you to buy more impressions that hopefully will convert to clicks and sales.

push campaigns win rate

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Updated on: 08/08/2022

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