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Ad Group Targeting

Targeting is an essential part of a successful campaign. In this article, learn how to set targeting by Locations, Browsers, Operating Systems, Countries, Carriers, etc.

The Location targeting is one of the most important factors in the offer’s targeting. This feature helps focusing the ad on those locations where you can find the right customers. increasing the profit from the ad.The ad will be seen by those users, which IPs correspond to the enabled locations.
The Time Targeting setting allows to set the day(s) and the hour(s) that an offer will stay active.

The following presets can be used:
– enable all days and hours.
– enable the working days only: from Monday to Friday.
– enable the weekends: Saturday and Sunday.
– disable all days and hours.

The Languages setting allows enabling languages for a certain campaign:
The Traffic Type (available for Display Campaigns only) allows selecting the desired traffic type:
Any: Allows getting traffic from sites and apps.
Site: Only site traffic will be enabled on the campaign.
App Only: app traffic will be enabled on the campaign.

The Operating Systems setting allows targeting the desired operating systems.
The Device Types setting allows selecting desired device types.
The Browsers setting allows targeting the desired browsers:
The Connection type allows selecting a connection type for the campaign
Any: Both Wi-Fi/Cable and Cellular connection types.
Wi-Fi/Cable: Targets Wi-Fi/Cable connection types only.
Cellular: Targets Cellular connection types only.

The Carriers Tab allows targeting the desired carriers for a campaign.
The Country field can help find all of the carriers for a specified country:

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Updated on: 11/05/2023

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