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Welcome to EZmob's advertiser interface

We have revamped our advertiser features as well as refresh our new interface. Read below about the new features you can start using today to improve your media buy, features that will be rolled out over a couple of weeks, and effects to current account holders with active campaigns.

The main changes we’re rolling out are:
Optimization - there’s a huge variety of added targeting features you can now take action on, optimize by domains, zones, bundle IDs, publisher ID, OS version and more.
Automation - rule creation allows you to set up complex rules on zone / subID level as well as other groupings that will allow your campaigns to rapidly find the best sources effectively.
Campaign setup interfaces - we’re launching an integrated campaign setup interface located at Separating campaign setup and campaign funds features allows us to focus on automation and offering you better marketing tools needed by brands and media buyers.
Campaign setup API - users are now able to set up, edit, and update campaigns via API.
Reporting API - users are now able to pull detailed reports via our reporting API.
Added features - we’re rolling out a lot of new features you can start using today to better target and segment your campaigns. read below.
Support - we’ve added a wide variety of communication channels for you to consult our team 24/7 and make sure your campaigns are ticking, choose between email, chat, and service desk tickets and more.

Clients who are interested in exporting their previous data not available in the campaign-setup dashboard are requested to fill a service desk ticket and a report will be provided to you.

New features available today:
Support for micro-bidding across Display placements(zones) and Pop subIDs.
Floating Push ads now available
Client interface is now mobile-friendly
A huge variety of targeting options to optimize across
Choose or exclude in-app / web traffic for display campaigns.
Start a campaign with only $50 total budget ($100)
Daily cap decreased to $10
Location targeting now includes regions, states, and cities
Campaign scheduling now includes day, hour and presets
OS versions have been updated
Campaign filtering features now include domain and IP lists and Publisher feeds.
Creatives for popunder campaigns now enabled allowing you to rotate over 10 pop landing pages and optimize accordingly.
MACROS to include more parameters
further creatives sizes have been added for push notification, display, and native campaigns.
Support for Emojis and icons in native and push campaigns.

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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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