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Why was my account suspended?

EZmob treats terms violations and invalid activity very seriously in order to protect the publishers and advertisers participating in our advertising network.

As an EZmob publisher, you are responsible for maintaining high-quality inventory and traffic. If the traffic we are receiving from a publisher is violating our terms and/or is invalid, then the publisher is no longer eligible to participate in the EZmob network and the account will be suspended.

You are still able to sign in to a suspended account to review your statistics, but your ads will not run.
Publishers whose accounts are disabled for the fraudulent activity will not receive any further payment.

If you strongly believe that there was a mistake, contact the Support team and provide the following information:

your website traffic sources (URLs where we can find links to your website)
access to your website statistics (Google Analytics or similar)
programs or services you used to increase your website popularity

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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