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Ad Policy for Push notification campaigns

EZmob does not accept any landing pages or creatives that promote any illegal goods or products. Please follow the Push notification guidelines below, to avoid having your campaign rejected by our ad quality team. If you feel your creative was reviewed with error, please create a ticket at this link.

Notification request cheat

Landing pages collecting subscriptions by a notification request cheat on a landing page (misleading users into subscribing to offers by reloading or blocking the offer page) are rejected.

Imitation of browser system messages is not allowed

Auto download (.EXE, .DMG, .APK)
Any LP that generates a direct download upon the opening of the landing page will not be approved.
Inappropriate use of Brand name or Copyright
Ads that are unauthorized use of copyright logos or content are prohibited.

Tech support

EZmob does not accept any Tech support campaigns which portray themselves as official tech support services through false claims. Any call service related advertiser is required to approach us before uploading campaigns.


Any ad that uses cloaking, in which the content presented to the platform Administrator is different from that presented on the user's browser.

Inappropriate materials

Text/images that are offensive, profane, hateful, threatening, harmful, defamatory, libelous, harassing or discriminatory (whether based on race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability or otherwise) would not be approved.

Child Porn - it is strictly prohibited to promote any materials that contain child erotic or pornography or sexual exploitation of underaged persons. Сampaigns containing this content will be rejected and reported.

Zoo porn - It is strictly prohibited to promote any materials that contain pornography with human and non-human animals. Сampaigns containing this content will be rejected and reported.

Following vertical or campaign types

Adware, Malware, viruses, phishing offers, social engineering or any other kind of unsafe Google safe browsing campaigns as published by Google Inc. A safe Browing Link Check will not be approved.

Negative experience or Ultra Scary pages

pages that contain misleading alarms and false warnings that were created to engage the user negatively into providing the advertiser with conversion will be rejected.

Brand names and Logos
It is forbidden to use brand logos on the icons apart from the products that can be produced by these brands

It is not acceptable to use icons of mobile/desktop applications

It is prohibited to create campaigns where there is a statement that promoted offers are provided on behalf of the brand.

The use of logos of famous brands on the landing pages is not allowed

Landing pages with brand names spelled wrong or with hidden letters are prohibited

It is allowed to use the marketplace logo if the copyright holder guarantees this right

The use of the Google logo is prohibited.

Please follow these guidelines to serve ads for alcoholic beverages on Display & Video 360:

Policy: Ensure your creatives are compliant with Google Ads' Alcoholic beverages policy and that advertising of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the countries where your advertiser's ads will serve.

Other requirements:

Do not target individuals below the legal drinking age.

Do not imply that drinking alcohol can improve social, sexual, professional, intellectual, or athletic standing.

Do not imply that drinking alcohol provides health or therapeutic benefits.

Do not portray excessive drinking in a positive light or feature binge or competition drinking.

Do not show alcohol being consumed in conjunction with the operation of a vehicle of any kind, or the operation of machinery, or the performance of any task requiring alertness or dexterity.

Do not depict violent or degrading behavior.

Promotion of pharmaceuticals
We only allow the promotion of dietary supplements that are not regulated like medicine.

Use of celebrities' names and pictures
The use of celebrities or politicians' names for “fake news” promotion or negative representation of the individuals featured is not allowed. It is forbidden to promote the product/diet on behalf of a celebrity.

Unacceptable: “Breaking News: {Name Surname} is sick of Covid19!”.

Acceptable: “ANYONE can profit from Bitcoin. Bill Gates explains why...[video]”.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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