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Microbidding: How to push the right placements?

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What is Micro bidding?

Micro bidding is a feature that helps to optimize campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy, it allows you to choose a different bid for each publisher as per their performance in the campaign.

It is a great tool for optimizing your campaign and get maximum traffic from the publishers which are converting well for you.

How to set up Micro bidding in

Go to the campaigns page

Select the ‘edit campaign’ button under the Actions column

Scroll down and select TQ & Analytics

You can set micro bid according to publisher feed or publisher zone

Click on Publisher feed and choose the feed you want to specifically update the bid coefficient for, Just click on the bid under ‘Bid Adjustment’ column, and update the bid coefficient or by how much you would like to increase the original campaign bid. For example, if your original bid is $1 and you’ve updated your ‘Bid Adjustment’ as 1.5, the bid for that specific placement update would be $1.5.

You can always make further adjustments to your bids as according to the campaign’s performance, we highly recommend using the Microbidding tool to optimize your campaign for its best potential.

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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