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Frequently Asked Questions (Publishers FAQ)

What are requirements for becoming premium VIP publisher?

The website must adhere to the EZmob quality policy with an emphasis on non iframe, bots or VPN browser traffic.
The higher the traffic quality will be - the higher demand and eCPM for it will be.
Significant traffic amount (minimum 100,000 visitors per day) is required.


What is the pricing?

Our method is completely risk-free. Ezmob does not demand a volume commitment before demonstrating the possibility for revenue development. Taking a revenue sharing commission is how we make money.

How are payments made?

Publishers are paid in US dollars via Wire transfer, PayPal and a variety of other payment methods. Reach out to your account manager. After the first 30 day period has ended, you will get your first payment. You'll get your January revenue toward the beginning of February, for example. Then there's the revenue from February, which comes in around the beginning of March, and so on. If the $100 minimum is not met, profits will be carried over to the next month until they reach $100 and are paid out.


How can I calculate approximate monthly revenue with Ezmob monetization?

We constantly recommend that our publishers do a test period to see results. This is the most efficient method of determining how much our solutions can boost your ad income. Each website is unique, and ad income is determined by parameters such as total monthly visits, web traffic geolocations, the number of pages per visit a user scrolls through, visit length, and many more.

What ad revenue increase you can guarantee?

We connect you to a variety of buyers who yo've not had experience with in the past or that you're willing to revisit. Please make sure to communicate your needs with your account manager once some data has been aggregated. By combining our ad formats and programmatic platform we are bound to surpass your expecations.

What's the average CPM?

Because our solutions use a header bidding auction, we can't forecast the average eCPM with any certainty. The highest bidder wins and earns the highest CPM with our system, as buyers decide the price for particular impressions. Keep in mind that the pricing might vary depending on a variety of factors, including traffic quality, user quality, geolocations, ad placement, and the topic of your website ,To learn about our combos please ping your EZmob account manager.

Our Solution

What does integration process looks like

Register at as Publisher or Advertiser Confirm your email. Receive login details to access Ezmob dashboard.
Drag and drop our ad tags in your code via 'GET PLACEMENT' - Learn how

How long is the test period?

Ads begin to show in 10 minutes. But It takes 2-3 days to analyze your traffic, optimize it and obtain ideal results, but we recommend a two-week test so that we can add the bulk of the SSPs and maximum amount of direct publishers. We've put up a guide on how to improve you results from the beginning here

Can I run multiple ad provider companies through my site?

Yes. If you're unsure about how much traffic you'd like to monetize with us we suggest you run a test, then analyze and compare the results.

Do you monetize apps?

Yes. Please contact us for more information about app monetization

We my site loading speed be affected by your ads?

No. Our solutions won't affect loading speed, as Ezmob has a one second timeout by default and normally the auction ends within 200ms.


Are Ezmob solutions Better Ads compliant?

Yes. We only recommend ad placements that are compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

How do I know which ad formats are best for my website?

For both desktop and mobile, we recommend selecting ad locations with the maximum visibility. Pop,Interstitial and inpage are our strongest ad formats (for desktop and mobile), which can help you increase your ad income even more.
You can take a look at our full list of ad formats and their example tags
Please feel free to contact our team for a free consultation on the optimal ad types for your website.

What if I don't like the ads displayed on my website?

Please take a screenshot of an ad, copy URL address and a redirect path (if possible, we recommend use redirect path Google Chrome extension to trace all way from click to ad) and send your dedicated account manager all data along with time code and we will exclude that advertising from your site !

Do you refresh the ads?

Yes. Clever bid optimization is a clever ad refresh solution we've created. If the following conditions are met, the ad will be refreshed:
For 30-40 seconds, the banner ad was visible.
The next buyer bids higher than the average eCPM, preventing the average eCPM from decreasing.
Ezmobs rotator can boost overall income for a certain ad spot by 10% to 20%.
Advertisers benefit as well, because the CTR of the updated banner is generally greater than the original. For both publishers and marketers, it's a win-win situation.

Do you work directly with advertisers?

Yes. We work with a lot of direct advertisers, but our demand also connected to OpenRTB connecting multiple SSP platforms to a header bidding solution. If you're an advertiser, please contact us here


How will I be able to monitor results from EZmob ads on my site?

After your website has been confirmed, you will receive your Setup ad reporting system login information. You'll be able to monitor and track how much ad income your site generates based on ad requests, impressions, average eCPM, fill rates, and real-time information for the previous 30 minutes after your test is live.

How often is the data updated on 'My Reports' ?

Our reports are according to PST timezone but our data updates every 2 hours from 10AM UTC till Midnight UTC

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Updated on: 21/09/2023

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