EZmob enables publishers to monetize with various ad formats, one of the most effective ad formats is Search Ads.

EZmob's publishers are now able to copy paste a simple snippet of code that will add search functionality to their website.

Once the code was added, a search box will show on the site.

**How to get the ad unit code?**
Register a publisher account on EZmob.com
Click add a website and choose pop as your ad format
continue to fill the details and submit the new pop placement
contact our team at support@ezmob.com with the following information
a. your username
b. your website URL
c. the unique placement ID (see image below)
d. your website stats: share some information about your websites inventory (countries, os, volumes)

that's it, once you send the above information, we'll send you a search ads tag already configured within a few hours.

**Example ad code:
Contact our team to receive your own ad unit tags, do not use the ones below
<form id="form" role="search">
  <input type="search" id="query" name="q"
   aria-label="Search through site content" required>
      const f = document.getElementById('form');
      const q = document.getElementById('query');
      const site = 'push4free.com';

      function submitted(event) {
        const url = 'http://zml.ezmgb.com/redirect?feed=4424636&auth=dsea&query=' + q.value + '&url=' + site;
        const win = window.open(url, '_blank');
      f.addEventListener('submit', submitted);

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