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Monetize with Search Ads

EZmob enables publishers to monetize with various ad formats, one of the most effective ad formats is Search Ads.

EZmob's publishers are now able to copy paste a simple snippet of code that will add search functionality to their website.

Once the code was added, a search box will show on the site.

**How to get the ad unit code?**

Register a publisher account on
Click add a website and choose pop as your ad format
continue to fill the details and submit the new pop placement
contact our team at with the following information
a. your username
b. your website URL
c. the unique placement ID (see image below)
d. your website stats: share some information about your websites inventory (countries, os, volumes)

that's it, once you send the above information, we'll send you a search ads tag already configured within a few hours.

**Example ad code:

Contact our team to receive your own ad unit tags, do not use the ones below
<form id="form" role="search">
  <input type="search" id="query" name="q"
   aria-label="Search through site content" required>
      const f = document.getElementById('form');
      const q = document.getElementById('query');
      const site = '';

      function submitted(event) {
        const url = '' + q.value + '&url=' + site;
        const win =, '_blank');
      f.addEventListener('submit', submitted);

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Updated on: 26/12/2023

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