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EZmob Publisher : Getting Started

Thanks for registering a publisher account on our platform, we aim to serve the best performing ads across your website and our goal to give you the best
monetization opportunities so feel free to reach out to your dedicated account manager to get the latest insights that can improve your activity, ecpm & revenue.

Self-Serve Publishers: Getting started


Go to and press 'Login'

Create new placements

Please note that our publisher team manually validates all website registered on our platform. Please make sure to include actual details.

Navigate to 'My Placements'


Enter your website URL
Choose between Pop, In-page, Interstitial and redirect placements.
Choose website vertical and Traffic type
Choose ad position & number of ad slots (for In-page ads)
Click Save!

More info about our tags - How Can I Check My Tags ? , EZmob Example Tags

What's next?
Press on 'GET PLACEMENT', copy the provided code and paste it in your HTML source code right before closing </head> tag.

(Please note that the ad script placement in the source code of your website is really important as far as it influences your ad opening and your results. It should be placed in the <head> of your website and the higher the code placement is the better your results are. Please note that placing the ad code lower than the <head> section might lead you to incorrect ad performance)

Here's an example of pasting our ad tags in your code :

You're all set !

Feel free to ping our dedicated account managers on the chat feature or email us at , we are available for you for anything you need.

* Please note that 3-4** days of traffic it's crucial for us to see it's match with our premium demand and to fully optimize the eCPM to the highest level, results will not fully appear to their best potential after only few hours or 1 day, we need patience to let us work on your traffic to give you
the best results we can.
According to our ad server algorithm we need minimum 5k traffic requests per day for full 3-4 days to see the traffic quality.

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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