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In-Page Floating Push Ads

EZmob's advertisers are thriving with direct in-page push inventory.

What are In-Page Push Ads and How Do They Work?

In-Page Push Advertisements are a type of ad that goes much beyond traditional push ads.

But what distinguishes them from traditional push advertisements, and how can you employ in-page push traffic to increase revenue?

CPC model

Unlike Pop and interstitial which are paid by number of impressions (CPM), inpage is paid by amount of clicks on the ad (CPC= cost per click) so the higher CTR parameter in your publisher report will be (the click through rate on our ad) then the higher the revenue will be, we recommend at least 1% CTR for our publishers for their inpage ads to be profitable, if not we recommend to try another ad format.

Benefits of In-Page Push Ads

Traffic from In-Page Push Ads is referred to as In-Page Push traffic. These advertisements show as widgets on the top of internet pages or as the user scrolls down the page.

- They are less invasive than online push advertisements and provide a unique approach to communicate with your target audience.

- Our new InPage ad is CSS free which means lighter more effective code & native looking ad format

- In-page push advertisements resemble online push ads in appearance, but they are not the same. These advertising just appear like traditional push notification ads, complete with a logo, title, and description.

- In-page push advertising are, in actuality, banner adverts that display on publisher websites. They appear at the top or bottom of a website when seen on a mobile device, and in the corners of a website when viewed on a desktop device. This gives the user the appearance of a little pop-up notice.

- One significant distinction is that users do not need to subscribe to get in-page push alerts.

- Ads may be supplied without interfering with a user's surfing experience as long as they visit the publisher's website.

Here are a few advantages of utilizing it!

In-Page push traffic can reach users of iOS devices who have traditionally escaped the advertising industry. These advertising get beyond device limits and reach a larger audience. This ad style, in essence, can infiltrate ALL devices.

Advertisements that are displayed in real time
Real-time bidding takes place when an active user visits the publisher's website, and the winning ad is shown instantly.

Banner Ad Blindness is Reduced with In-Page Push Ads
In-page push is just a banner ad masquerading as a push ad, thus consumers aren't yet "resistant" to it. They also don't interfere with the user's experience. As a result, in-page push advertising have a greater click-through rate than traditional banner ads.

Capacity to Aim for Various Placements
You can choose top-right or down-right corner according to your content layout.
The higher the quality placement you choose, the more likely it is to convert.

CTR is higher than in traditional push ads.
In-page push ad alerts earn more clicks than traditional web push since the user is actively engaged with the webpage they are visiting. Switch to in-page push advertisements if you want to increase engagement.

In-page Push notifications look like this:

Learn how to create an In-Page Push Campaign here

Publishers - View an example of an in-page push ad tag here or contact your account manager via chat or email to get In-page tag.

Updated on: 31/12/2023

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