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How to add the tags to your website

Please note that it can take 4-7 days to get the best results.

Place the HTML in the source code of your website pages.

Please note that the ad script placement in the source code of your website is really important as far as it influences your ad opening and your results. It should be placed in the <head> of your website and the higher the code placement is the better your results are. Please note that placing the ad code lower than the <head> section might lead you to incorrect ad performance.

a) Pop ADs, In-page, Push and Interstitial: the code must be placed right before closing </head> tag.

b) Banners: the ad script must be inserted into the <body> section

c) Header Bidding: read more on this page.

That’s it!

For more detailed information about different ad tags implementation please refer to How to setup Ad Tags section

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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