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Publisher: Getting Started

Thanks for registering a publisher account on our platform, we aim to serve the best performing ads across your site yielding the highest revenue. To be able to give you the best monetization opportunities from day 1 please make sure to follow our instruction for integrating ads on your website or app, consult at any time with your account manager to continually improve your eCPM and scale your traffic.

Self-Serve Publishers: Getting started

So now that you've registered, there are a few key checkboxes we suggest you check ASAP to make sure your account is ready to go.

1. Update your profile

To be able to receive payment please make sure to update your profile details.

publisher update profile details

2. Create new placements

Please note that our publisher team manually validates all website registered on our platform. Please make sure to include actual details.

publisher add website placement

Enter your website URL
Choose between Pop, Redirect, Header Bidding and Banner placements.
Choose website vertical and Traffic type
Choose ad size (for banner and header bidding placements)
Click Save!

What's next?
Other than waiting a couple of hours to view your reports, feel free to engage our account managers and let them know you've begun sending traffic.

Ping us on the chat feature or email us at

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Looking for Programmatic Integration (openRTB or XML)?

Premium sites and apps who are looking to monetize their direct inventory but prefer the managed approach, or require a different type integration should apply via the following form so our programmatic team can reach out and discuss integration with you.

We support
- openRTB endpoint integration
- Vast video tags
- App and Sites / Mobile and Desktop

Apply as a programmatic publisher here

Updated on: 31/08/2022

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