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How to upload an invoice for payment?

At each end of the month, we will compile the reports of the previous month and add a line under the ‘Payments’ tab of your publisher account. Publishers who qualify for payment will receive an email when numbers are confirmed. You must then upload an invoice containing relevant details in order to allow payment.

Here’s how to upload an invoice for payment

Login to your publisher account
Click on the Payments tab

Upload an invoice per each month (or that same invoice that includes each month)

Make sure your invoice includes the following details:

Your full company details and address
Month of Activity
Description of Services can be ‘publisher monetization services for Sept 2022’
Payment amount
A unique invoice ID (such as INV-39392)
Please include your recent payment information if different than what is indicated in your account
Please include alternative payment methods which you may operate

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Updated on: 26/12/2023

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