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Zero Revenue - Why ?

There can be multiple reasons of why you are not seeing revenues in your publisher report :

Low Traffic Volume

Usually our ad server algorithm requires minimum of 5000 requests to start sending traffic to real profitable advertisers and not just test campaigns.

Anything below that might not be sent to advertisers with high bids and high CPM.

Targeting Mismatch

If you are sending traffic from country, browser, operating system that we have no available demand for, revenues will be zero.
To understand if your traffic matches EZmob's high quality advertisers targeting combos please contact your account manager at

Bad Traffic Quality

If your traffic contains bots, iframes, mismatches between user agent IP and click IP or in general "Low TQ" traffic as scanned by our trusted Invalid traffic partner Cleartrust, it will be filtered out and not be translated to revenue in our publishers report.


To get the best monetization results for your traffic we need at least full 3-4 days to see the traffic quality and it's match with our premium demand and to fully test and optimize the eCPM and overall performance to the highest level, results will not fully appear to their best potential after only few hours or 1 day,
we need patience to let us work on your traffic to give it the best results we can.

Updated on: 31/12/2023

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