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What is Floating Push Ad? with examples.

Floating push Ads look similar to push notifications or native ads. They integrate into the users’ experience while they browse. It’s like a notification that appears on the top of User’s screen while they are browsing, hence the engagement with floating push is higher in user experience.

For making it easier to understand, here are some examples of how the floating push appears in a user device.

Since, push notification is sent through the browser (Mainly Chrome) the Floating push would appear on the actual publisher site and therefore supported on all OS and browsers.

The Floating push appears directly on the publisher’s website, This means, while looking to optimize your Floating push campaigns you should be looking at the combination between Publisher feed and Sub id.

Learn how to blacklist or whitelist SubID and Zones, click here.

You can always make the most out of a floating push notification, keeping just 3 simple things in mind -

Always use a call-to-action text.

Optimize on the Subid level

Learn how to optimize floating push campaigns - click here

Optimize the campaign on the basis of other Demographic attributes e.g Geo, Device, language.

Set up a floating push campaign right away, to get the highest engagement from your targeting audience,

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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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