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Decrease latency with EU Ad Server Support

If most of your site's inventory is based in EU, we advise you to switch to EU adserver to decrease delay time between request to displayed ad.

To get connected your XML, Pop, Redirect or In-page feed to new server follow next steps:

open your ad tag placed on your site
find ""
transform it to ""
apply changes.

That's all!

Now you are connected to Ezmob EU server.

Wait couple of minutes and enjoy faster server to server communication.


In-page tag looks like that:

i.inpagepush = i.inpagepush || function() {
var s=n.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
var q=n.createElement('script'); q.async=1;
i.inpagepush('init', {
host: '',     **<== this should be replaced with '' (do not forget to observe the markup)**
feed: XXXXXX,
auth : 'XXXXXX',
subid: '1',
refresh: 25,
position: 'bottom',
slots: 3,
query : 'inpage',
z_index: 88888
})(window, document);

Updated on: 31/12/2023

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