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On Click Popunder Ads

The most effective ad format used for monetization today is the traditional pop-under ads. Think about it, pop-unders have been here since the early dawn of the internet, it seems they are going away each year, yet, the inventory keeps growing and technology improves and boosts quality level than ever before.

Pop-under ads, also known as “tab under ads”, show in a new browser tab hidden below the viewed page. They are only triggered to show upon user engagement - both a click on the page as well as a scroll down. These triggers, among others as well as monitoring solutions, allow us to make sure only real users can be engaged instead of bots who can imitate user actions.

The increased performs of popunder ads comes, obviously, due to the fact that advertisers pay for actual users landing on their page, instead of enticing users to engage with banner ads that might not be visible (ezmob guarantees 100% transparency for banner ads), with popunder ads, users are guaranteed to see your content thus creating more conversions and events for your campaigns.

Publishers enjoy popunder’s effective monetization for all their incoming traffic, worldwide! Whether your an advertiser or publisher, popunder campaigns usually pay for themselves.

Different configurations can be performed with popunder ads, such as frequency capping, automation rules, and much more. The Default Popunder frequency is 3 ads per 3 hours but it could be increased or decreased upon your request. Changing the Popunder frequency will result on the income you are gaining so feel free to contact our Support Team if you need any guidance.

Let’s review the benefits which you get as a Publisher from the Popunder ads:

Dynamic CPM

The rates are fully dynamic and different for each website and depend on the kind of your traffic, geo, traffic conversion rate and a few more parameters.

Get paid for every impression

We count every Popunder impression and you will get paid for all of your visitors who see our ad offers!

More ad spaces

Onclick doesn’t affect your current banner inventory and website design because ad space is not required.

If you would like to increase your profits, you can also try our Smartlink/Direct ads and implement an additional Onclick ad in your own banner, image, or text.

Universal monetization

EZmob is a leader in mobile monetization, Popunder ads work on most mobile devices, which gives you 100% monetization of your traffic without additional efforts.

Easy to integrate

Just paste a simple ad script in the source code below the <body> tag and start your earning.

Clean inventory

EZmob takes publisher’s properties very seriously and makes sure the ads that are displayed across our network are according to our content policy.

Popunders are a great marketing tool that need not frustrate and irritate visitors.

Learn how to create a pop campaign

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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