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How to set up In-Page (Floating push) ads

This article explains how to set up EZmob In-page push ad tag.

Request ad tag from your account manager, support chat or grab it from the dashboard by creating In-page Placement

Here is how In-page looks like:

i.inpagepush = i.inpagepush || function() {(i.inpagepush.q=(i.inpagepush.q||[])).push(arguments)};
var s=(n.getElementsByTagName('head')||n.getElementsByTagName('body'))[0];var q=n.createElement('script');q.async=1;
i.inpagepush('init', {host: '', feed: *, auth: '*****', subid: 'site1' , refresh: 30, slots: 1, layout: 'custom', position: 'top'});
i.inpagepush('show'); })(window, document);

You can modify the tag according to you website content layout and your preferences by changing tag properties:
refresh - refresh period in seconds
position - 'bottom' and 'top' are showing ads in right-bottom or right-top corner
slots - max number of ads to show per "refresh" (1-3)
By adding the line layout : 'mobile_mini,' line you will make the widget more condensed on mobile devices

Place the tag just before closing </head> of your website source code.

That's it!

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Updated on: 06/09/2023

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