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How to set up EZmob Header bidding banner on a Blogger platform

This step-by-step guide will explain how to set up EZmob Header bidding monetization on the Blogger platform.

Request Header bidding banner tags from your account manager or via our help chat or send an email to

You will receive:

Header bidding tag to implement into <head> section of your website,
A tag to place into <body> of your website
Additional statistic login to view your Header bidding performance

Now you need to grab ads.txt lines from our website.

a. Go to this article: Ads.txt for publishers and copy all lines from the bottom of the page (We keep them up to date there)

b. Go to your Blogger Settings on the left side of a screen, scroll down to Monetization block, Enable Custom ads.txt switcher, click on Custom ads.txt and paste copied lines in a pop up window.

c. After this, you need to re Publish your blog by opening any Post and clicking Publish on the top right side of a screen.

Next is adding a Tag to <head> section

a. Go to Theme on the left side of a screen, just above Settings, and click on an Arrow next to the orange Customize button and choose Edit HTML

b. Press Ctrl+F on a keyboard, input </head> into the Search field, press enter you will be scrolled down to the proper place in HTML editor. Paste our JS tag (you received in 2-a point of this guide) just above </head>. Now click on the Save button at the top right corner.

Now we are adding Banner itself

a. Go to Layout on the left side of a screen, then click on Add a gadget at right Sidebar area

b. Click on HTML/JavaScript

c. Input Title if needed and paste <div id="container1"></div> into Content field, Click Save

That's it!

Wait for a while before ads will start to show.

Keep in mind that the best placement for an ad banner is the top of your Sidebar.

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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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