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Header bidding monetization with EZmob

This step-by-step guide will explain how to set up EZmob Header bidding banner monetization.

After you've logged into your publisher account, click Add Placement
Choose 'Header Bidding' option in the placement selection menu
Enter the relevant details for your placement

make sure to include real / actual details of where the tag will be integrated as all sites undergo a manual validation process.

Header bidding tag to implement into <head> section of your website,
A tag to place into <body> of your website

Now you need to grab ads.txt lines from our website.

a. View this article: Ads.txt for publishers and copy all lines from the bottom of the page.

b. Copy-paste or add ads.txt to your root directory or ask your manager for help.

с. Add the tag you generated just before closing </head>.

Place a tag into <body> section of a website where you wants a banner to appear: <div id="container1"></div>

That's it!

Wait for a while before ads will start to show.
Keep in mind that the best placement for an ad banner is the top of your Sidebar.
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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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