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Programmatic Advertising

In addition to our Self-serve platform EZmob operates also in the programmatic environment using several Real-Time bidders and platform we serve impressions more accurately, efficiently and at scale. We provides advertisers, agencies, and media-buyers with an omni-channel programmatic suite for running targeted, forward-thinking, and highly-engaging ad campaigns that turn your audience into customers in real-time. Advertise with the most affordable, consistent, and transparent pricing model based on cost-per-thousand-impressions that lets you pay for viewable impressions

We connect SSPs, DPSs, Ad exchanges, Ad networks and Agencies through direct integrations via Open-RTB and XML

On RTB we:
- Sell and buy Display and Video ads
- Integrate via oRTB endpoints or pre-bid Header Bidding
- Support User Syncing URLs
- support PMP (Direct deals)

On XML we:
- Sell and buy Pop and Push ads
- Integrate via XML feeds or redirect URL
- Support traffic filters

If you are running programmatic activity on RTB or XML and would like to discuss that activity with us, please apply here.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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