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KYC Customer Verification

To build strong relationships between publishers/advertisers on the one side and EZmob on the other side and to make the payment process transparent, we apply the KYC process.

KYC is an acronym for “Know your Customer”, a term used for the customer identification process. The KYC procedure includes providing documents to determine the true identity and beneficial ownership of the account. This procedure is required by international business standards and helps to make communication in terms of legal and financial issues easier.

To complete this account verification process you need to provide our team with the state-issued ID, the info about your payment account linked to your EZmob account, or any additional info that might be deemed relevant. Please make sure that the information you provide to us is correct and that you use an active email address so that you can communicate with us. The Customer information you submit to us will be verified within 5-7 business days that is why we highly recommend you to provide it about 14 days before the payment due date.

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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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