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What are your best verticals for pops and push?

We enable many different offer types through mainstream and adult channels.

Mobile Content / Video / Subscription Games
Mobile content is here to stay as it kept being a major moneymaker for advertisers, from simple amusing videos and updated daily content to subscriptions to games and lifestyle products, the past has been very good for mobile ad spend on mobile content products. If you do understand the regulation aspect of mobile content and manage within the main restrictions, there’s literally nothing stopping you from starting to earn with mobile content offers.

Finance / Crypto
whether it is depositing traders or qualified leads, you can count on our platform to deliver real value leads very early in your campaign.

Sweepstakes / Coupons
Usually, a crowd favorite with popup or popunder traffic, the main difference between sweepstakes and coupons are that users win something with sweepstakes, coupons on the other hand provide some reward for the user for completing an action. Make sure you know what to target prior to opening your campaigns to increase the success potential.

Advertisers and media buyers are raking it in with health and fitness offers. You may refer to Nutra as weight loss, beauty, or health and fitness, whatever you name it, there is a huge demand for this content online and if you find the right creatives and traffic sources the sky is the limit for your earning potential. Take into account the seasonality of Nutra products (Weight-loss converts better in the summertime for example).

We cooperate with major casino brands directly and through media buyers mainly promising casinos, sportsbooks, poker, and lottery. Our team includes highly experience casino marketing professionals who would be able to give you insight into what it takes to convert one of the most profitable verticals in the world.

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Updated on: 14/09/2022

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