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Get Paid for Case Studies

Many of our clients are very active on forums and social networks, it comes with the job, getting so much feedback and insights from the marketing community is vital to be able to succeed when promoting offers. To both enrich our partners as well as cross-promote EZmob as a leading ad-network, we would like to offer you a unique partnership and a chance to further monetize your time without any risks. How does it work? Simple, write a detailed case study on a campaign you’ve run with EZmob, include as much information on the changes you did to make the campaign work, what process you used to optimize your campaign, the creatives you’ve used and how you rotated them, etc, compile this information into a easy-to-read, informative document and send it over to us to be published in our case studies section.

What does a qualifying case study include?

Description of the offer
a detailed description of the campaign configurations, targeting, and optimization method
link or screenshots of the landing page and pre-lander (or their screenshots)
screenshots of the statistics in CPA network
screenshots of the statistics in EZmob
screenshots of creatives

Submit your case study

Terms and conditions
Only use EZmob traffic within your case study, you may choose between pop, push notification ads, interstitials, native or display as long the traffic source is EZmob.
Campaign ROI should be at least 50%
Campaign budget should be over $100
Case studies will be published across EZmob’s channels.
Be unique. We do not accept text that’s already available online.
EZmob’s team will evaluate the value of each case study, the minimum payment for a case study is $50.
An advertiser can produce several case studies.
The payment will be credited within EZmob’s advertiser account and is not refundable.

Updated on: 12/09/2022

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