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Maximize Your Earnings and Share Your Success: EZmob's Exclusive Case Study Partnership Opportunity

As a leading ad network, EZmob recognizes the value of staying connected with the marketing community through forums and social networks. To further empower our partners and promote EZmob's expertise, we are excited to present a unique partnership opportunity that allows you to monetize your time without any risks.

How does it work? It's simple! Create a comprehensive transparent (write your real experience, we won't tell you what to write) case study detailing a successful campaign you've executed with EZmob. Include information on the adjustments you made to optimize the campaign, the process you followed, the creatives you used, and how you rotated them. Compile this information into an easily digestible, informative document, and submit it to be featured in our case studies section.

What should a qualifying case study include?

Description of the offer

A thorough explanation of campaign configurations, targeting, and optimization methods
Links or screenshots of the landing page and pre-lander (or their screenshots)
Screenshots of the CPA network statistics
Screenshots of the EZmob statistics
Screenshots of creatives
Submit your case study

Terms and conditions

Feature only EZmob traffic in your case study; you may choose from pop, push notification ads, interstitials, native, or display as long as the traffic source is EZmob.
Campaign ROI should be at least 50%
Campaign budget should exceed $100
Case studies will be published across EZmob’s channels.
Be original; we do not accept content that’s already available online.
EZmob’s team will evaluate the value of each case study; the minimum payment for a case study is $50.
An advertiser can produce multiple case studies.
Payment will be credited within the advertiser's EZmob account and is non-refundable.

Submit your case study

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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